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Tahafut Al Falasifah Indonesia Pdf Download ((LINK))

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Next, al-Ghazali wrote Tahafut in 488/1095. This book contained his refutation against philosophers, especially the one who is known as al-Ma'ali. This book was written to its viewers and readers because he felt that the current way of thinking of the philosophers has changed so much to be torn away from the truths of the sources of knowledge. To those people, he explained that the philosophers do not have the knowledge because they are not familiar with the sources of knowledge (Al-Bidhal 1999: 486). He wrote this book to those who wants to know the truth about the philosophers, not to the philosophers themselves. To those people, he explained the reason to the philosophers to be free from being a prey. This makes him refuse all the accusations of those philosophers. Further, he explained that he wrote the book to those people, not to the scientists. This makes him free from passing by his knowledge and experience. Further, he explained that he wrote the book to expose philosophers' faults, not to the people who claims his own knowledge. This makes him firm not only to the philosophers but also the readers. Therefore, he explained that he was the target of the book while wrote Tahafut and Maqasid. This makes him explain the philosophy in Tahafut as the real philosophy, and his methodology as one which leads to insight. Therefore, we can say that he is against all of the allegations, opinions and theories of the philosophers which serve to confuse the Muslims (because some were taken as a Quran) and their followers (because some were taken as the only faithful for Muslims, Ma'ali). And as for Ma'ali's work, al-Ghazali explained that he wrote Tahafut as a friend in order to help him to know the truth of the philosophers (Bouyges 1999: 261). 3d9ccd7d82

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