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Can't Look Directly at the Suns 🧐

Really weird season.

To keep it simple, if health or injuries wasn't an issue, Nets or 6ers vs Lakers is the most realistic championship series we wod be getting.

Well, this aint 2k. Injuries and fatigue are on full throttle and there a lot of teams in the championship hunt.

Also, covid is still a major factor. Who know the impact covid has had in the loss column w/ all of the random players, and superstars forced to sit down.

All that said, and the Nets, 6ers and Lakers are still in the championship hunt, (yea yea the Clippers are too but Paul George really lacks confidence, it ain't hard to tell and I'm empathetic but not enough to ever place a bet on them).

Although, they cannot be considered locks at the moment.

All 3 teams have had injuries to MVP/caliber players; Embiid, LeBron, Durant, and Anthony Davis. Even second level MVP players like Kyrie Irving has missed plenty of time.

The Utah Jazz started the season flaming hot. They're still in the mix for a championship run. The Milwaukee Bucks traded for PJ Tucker and blew out the Indiana Pacers without Giannis.

All these teams are egg batter in the championship cake.

The one team that hasn't been mentioned, that has a mix of veteran ledearship and yout! (GUNS SHOTS MEAN REWIND!!)

the Phoenix Suns have been playing great.

We've been focused on the Kyle Lowrys and Lonzo Balls of the world headed to the 6ers and Clippers, which would change a previous sentence in this rant/blog, but Phoenix is a legit one player away from being super scary.

Russell Westbrook, comes to mind. Low risk, slightly higher reward. If the Suns were able to grab him and show him how Jimmy Butler operates, less 3's and still have the ball in his hand, basically a mid range ninja, (which he kind of did for a month for the Washington Wizards) a Cinderella story is in the making.

Westbrook has but so much time to move the way he does. And he's never had someone as professional as Chris Paul around who seems like the time to challenge him in the right way.

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