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Jared Porter lasted less than 60 days as general Manger of the New York Mets, December 2020 - January 2021. Canned for the same/similar reason New York's now former Governor, Anthony Cuomo resigned for today, sexual harassment.

Mets owner Steve Cohen just gained majority control of the team in September 2020, and clearly did not want to deal with the mess of a sexual harassment case hanging over his team, in the waning moments of the #metoo era.

Cohen is a Wall Street tycoon. He runs S.A.C. Capital a hedge fund and is worth $16 billion dollars, according to Forbes' magazine. This day in age it's easy to jump to conclusions and say he's a sleeze bag Wall Street guy who got his money wheelin and dealin like Ric Flair.

And your assumption would be correct.

Seems like Steve earned his money in good ol' American fashion, gangster shit.

*According to Cohen's ex wife

Patricia Finke, "(Cohen) and his brother, Donald, hid lots of cash from her. In 2009, (she) sued the Cohen brothers, alleging;

• racketeering

• insider trading

• money laundering

• misuse of the U.S. Postal System

• real bad fraud

SAC Capital was charged for $1.8 billion on an insider trading charge. Around $600 million less than what he paid for the Mets.

An American gangster he is.

Take a look at Cohen political contributions;

[ ] 2017 $1 million

• Donald Trump's inauguration

[ ] 2021 $500,000

• Super PAC for Andrew Yang [New York City's Democratic mayoral primary]

[ ] $1.5 million

• Super PAC for Eric Adams, New York City Mayoral race

Talk about being on the fence.

This guy hedges his bets everywhere.

Now as a Mets fan, one may think of us as worried or troubled by the alleged reputation of the man in charge of our team.

Are you fucking crazy! I love this!

Try having your team run by the Wilpons for almost all of your life. The former Mets owners caught the bad end of Bernie Madoff.

You know, they LOST money by betting on a guy who was a fake version of Steve Cohen.

Cohen's career partially inspired Bobby Axlerod, the billionaire main character of "Billions" who is one shrewd mothalova!

I refuse to believe Steve Cohen would allow the Mets to drop 15% in net worth the way Wall Street Bets got him in the stock market,

It's absolutely believable that Cohen is looking at the New York Yankees and the New York Knicks franchises as motivation.

2 of only 3 sports franchises valued at over $5 billion in North America (Dallas Cowboys) and both play in New York. The Knicks have found recent success in the last couple of years but that was after decades of losing.

And yet the Knicks are still valued higher than the Los Angeles Lakers, the historical winners of the NBA (the Yankees of basketball)

I can imagine former Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs' curse killing general manager, Theo Epstein being in talks with the Mets.

Cohen already has a connection to Epstein with the recently fired Jared Porter, who used to work directly under Epstein for over decade.

Epstein is currently a consultant to MLB's "on field matters," I almost inserted an LOL here but read this quote;

"executives, like me, who have spent a lot of time using analytics and other measures to try to optimize individual and team performance have unwittingly had a negative impact on the aesthetic value of the game and the entertainment value of the game in some respects." Epstein said when he resigned.

Pretty honest and self aware. That mix of business and baseball knowledge is desperately needed in in Queens right now.

And all Cohen has to do is make Epstein an offer he can't refuse.

*Source Village Voice

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