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Death Row Nets

If you look at the overall standings, and you come away w the Jazz being the hottest team in the league, I can appreciate that.

The Jazz are 20-2 in their last 22 games after last nights loss to the Clippers.

League best 24-6 overall.

The Jazz weren't expected to have a stretch like this, at all. But can 'that' good get any better with 'that' roster?

Can Jordan Clarkson?

Portland has won 6 games in a row and have earned a reason to believe thay they can play on a higher level.

McCollum and Nurkic are injured.

Dame Lillard is rarely ever not-awesome.

And It does seem like Portland is a player or coach away from hitting the runway in the promise land.

However, Portland is kind of in the, "I've seen this movie before" spin cycle. Dame's hit big time shots, and helped swing momentum to Portland many of playoffs, only to bow out in the next round.

Sorry but not sorry.

But you know who's hot AF right now? And is a player away (who is soon to to be available) from buying "promise land" destination tickets???


6-4 in their last 10, sure.

But 5 wins in a row, 4 against western conference teams, including the red hot Suns without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

For the season the Nets are 9-3 vs the Wild West, with wins over;

[ ] Warriors (twice, both blow outs!)

[ ] Clippers

[ ] Jazz

There is only way to earn "no-fraud" zone access like this. Role. Players.

No one in the league has a 4th OPTION like the Nets.

Joe Harris. Mr. Buckets himself;

15 PPG, 53 FG%, 50 3PT%, 69.7 TS%, 8 Net rating

Clarkson is good. But Buckets is old reliable in downtown BK, he's been here for years.

Yes, covid is a hurdle for the league. And it has hurt the Nets a couple of times this season.

Although, if you think about it, a perennial MVP candidate, who's 33 years old, coming off of an Achilles injury, getting days off doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

Durant was just ruled out of tomorrow night's game vs the Clippers.

So let's see how the Harden, kyrie and buckets show continues.

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