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Elephant in Heaven

I'm watching the patrice O'Neal documentary on comedy central right now. And I'm learning nothing. 

It's not their fault. I'm a huge fan so I've pretty much digested everything Patrice O'Neal. The documentary touched on the 1989, Charles Stuart situation birthing Patrice' feelings and philosophies on race in this country. 

I'm not sure if they forgot, didn't have enough time or whatever, but a huge reason for the reason why he felt the way he did about white people and specifically the "value" of white women in this country Is because he was charged with  sexual assault when he was younger. 

Listen to the 1:29:55 mark of this Opie and Anthony episode;

I dont think Patrice O'Neal has the catalog of stand up specials to rival someone like Richard Pryor or George Carlin. But Patrice became my favorite comedian ever over 10 years ago, simply because youtube exists. 

You can understand his philosophy or thoughts on almost everything life simply by hitting the search bar. 

The legends didn't have this advantage. 

If you're a fan, youtubing "Opie and Anthony" and "Tough crowd," (I wasn't a big "black Phillips" fan) has some of the best raw footage/audio of Patrice. 

His most polished material is probably the stand up special "Elephant in the Room" 

Side bar; Eddie Murphy's raw and delirious did to comedy, what michael Jackson and thriller did for music.  

A video accompanying audio became necessary.

Before then, there were classic audio albums by great comedians and musicians.  

Patrice O'Neal has one as well; "Mr. P" 

It legitimized his craft and is simply classic. 

God bless the dead and his family. 

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