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In the Name of Ja

I hate everything that happened revolving around Ja Morant.

There's only one opinion to have about anything Ja Morant related.


But not just Ja Morant.

News just broke that Ja Morant needed a wellness check from the Memphis police after a cryptic social media post, where he ends it w the words "Bye."

Apparently it's nothing, and we need not worry about any suicidal thoughts, he just needs a social media break.

Clearly he wanted some attention before leaving the public eye.

And he's not the only one.

Shannon Sharpe, couldn't wait to talk about his street connects and how his real life tough friends who lived the "life" would've "died" to be in Ja Morant's position.

Stephen A Smith referenced his gangster friends, who apparantley kept him from the dark side and on track to what maybe the most popular soap box in sports talk land.

Are you kidding me?

Sharpe is a former football player of the highest order, and arguably the best to ever play his position at tight end.

Stephen A blurts out his Newspaper journalism resume every chance that he can get. But clearly the prestige of that "life" is nothing like being a tv star.

Growing up, Shannon Sharpe was one of the sports player shit talking pioneers, right off the Muhammad Ali -Ric Flair tree , a natural on the mic.

And they couldn't wait to get on tv and talk about their gangster friends.

Funny because they never really detail the exact encounter with said individuals.

What was the allure with these same people that you hold in high regard on one end, but shit on Ja Morant for trying to emulate?

It sounds to me like both Stephen A and Shannon still love being close enough to the "life" to speak on it.

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