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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The Nets are the most exciting team in the league right now.

Zion is looking like he's getting more comfortable.

Lemelo looks like the point gawd of the future.

But 3 superstars from last decade are the now.

James Harden, who earned his way to the MVP conversation, and Kyrie Irving are undefeated in their last 9 games they've played together. Bruce Brown is climbing up the 6th man of the year award. And Joey BK Buckets has been shooting so good teams have targeted him and chased him off the 3 pt line.

But the last stone in the infinity gauntlet is Kevin Durant.

(And the mini-stone, Spencer Dinwiddie on injured reserve until next year. Who can easily come back and be a great role player or asset for a trade)

Of course offense is the first thing we think about when it comes to KD (not Kash Doll but how's it going 😏).

But its his presence on defense that will turn this team into all timers (and inevitable premature, are they about to be a dynasty talk from ESPN, and the rest of the we get paid off of talking about athletes and have nothing else to talk about sports ecosystem)

Recently, the Nets struggled with offensive rebounds against the Clippers and last night were unable to close out the Spurs in regulation; a Spurs defensive rebound and bucket in the last seconds forced OT (both Nets wins). Easy to see how both of these issues can persist and haunt the Nets BUT can be nullified by KD.

KD's offense is legendary at this point. His defense is not. And not that it should be. However, the difference with how he played defense in most of his career in OKC versus the last year In OKC and the entire Golden State tenure cannot be overstated.

So yes, when KD comes back and IF Steve Nash (who maybe up for coach of the year) utilizes him similarly to said time periods, get ready for all of the are they as good as the LAKERS, BULLS, and GOLDENSTATE DYNASTIES. (And justifiably so)

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