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LEBRON? stat!

Imagine going to work everyday and you kill it so bad they name an award after you? This means all others in the future will be measured to your name. "Good work John John you actually ranked ridiculously awesome on the FABIAN last month, you've earned a raise." Or, "Jimmy, you haven't done shit for 3 weeks, your FABIAN is the lowest in the history of this company. You're fired !

They created a stat and named it after LEBRON??!! Krishna Narsu and Tim/Cranjis McBasketball are probably really big fans of basketball and probably even bigger fans of LeBron. It doesn't have as great a ring to it. But any person, from any race, nationality, planet or universe thinks of one person when they hear the name, LeBron. Any way, attached is the website explaining everything.

Also, Ben Taylor's latest podcast

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