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Carmelo Anthony was a GIANT polarizing topic for fans by the end of his knick run. Hoodie Melo would kill the practice court and show up on our instagram scroll and gas us Knick fans up like Exxon. Only to bully ball the Knicks down the drain years ago. Today Melo helped a hobbling Portland team beat former teammate, not sure if he's ever going to be good let alone great, Porzingis and the struggling Mavs. No slight to Melo at all. Dude, is ballin.

We give Lebron his props, deservedly so for what he's doing at his age.

But Melo, fellow surviving member of 03' draft class, is a year older than Bron, and bringing old man wisdom and game to Portland. RIP hoodie Melo, hello Melo-Wise

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