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Nets Big Baller Brand

The Brooklyn Nets smashed the Kings. Another big victory for BK and the NY area. Selfishly and maybe childishly I am rooting for them to make it. New York was hit hard by covid last yr.

Our governor and mayor still can't get their heads out of their ass BUT (pun intended) Kyrie Irving has.

53% fg, 44% 3pt fg, and 91% ft 64.7% ts shooting for Kyrie!! Wtf!!!

Harden the walking triple double himself was announced officially as the starting pg by Kyrie earlier this week. Lol

Doesn't matter Kyrie seems to have learned how to tap into his zen minus the oncourt sage.

No more tears. No media black out. Straight Big ballin by one of the most exciting players of his generation.

Nets play the Sun's tonight, and the lakers on Thursday, in what has turned into the biggest must see TV in basketball since golden state a couple of years back!

Brooklyn in the house !

- Fabian Perspectv

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