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"Now let's get it all in Perspective..."

"Allow me to introduce myself..." Peace! It's ya homie B MAD. 1/3 of this thing of ours, The Put It N Perspective collective. To paraphrase the Great Rev Run, "3 years ago, a friend of mine", Mel (Get Well!) decided that we collab to do a podcast. Myself, Raymundo (hit ya SAP button on ya remote!) Telemundo and Mel formed like Voltron and created "The Put It N Perspective" Podcast collective. Mel is like the RZA to the operation. He saw something in all of us, that he felt would be dope to do a podcast. We all love Hip-Hop & Sports but I think it was our individual "Perspectives" that turned this collaboration into a bond.

I didn't know Raymundo from Adam. Mel and myself, have been best friends for 20+ years and him and Raymundo were co-workers who became cool. Before the podcast could come to be, we had to build chemistry. The Marco Polo app was our answer. It was our Virtual Barbershop and Dojo for us to build on various topics from MJ vs. LeBron to Jay-Z vs. Nas to Racial inequality to politics.

The chemistry was almost instant but actually putting a product for public consumption, took time.

Fast forward 3 years and a life altering pandemic, January 2021, we finally recorded our first Put It N Perspective Podcast on Zoom. With all of us just saying 'fuck it! Let's do this shit! I personally felt like if we didn't do this now, even after a 3 year wait, we would never get this shit going. Us being big fans of the NBA and me being a Brooklyn Nets fan, we lead off our first recordings covering the league and the new Big 3 (Perfectly fitting for even our Trio😤). Since those first recordings, we shifted to speaking on various topics within Hip-Hop and Raymundo has gave us his Perspective on the financial world.

We are still in our infancy, taking baby steps, learning and polishing our skills. I must admit that It has been great to see unfold. This is our baby. It's a journey that I am thankful to be on with two stand up brothers in Mel & Raymundo. Being home for months during the pandemic, gave me the time to really look at life from a new "perspective". In this new day & age, if you don't try to invest in yourself and the things you love, other people will decide your destiny.

Personally, The Put It N Perspective Podcast has been highly therapeutic to a brother. Our goal has been to give you our Perspectives and for you, the viewers and listeners, to engage back and share yours. Hopefully, y'all roll with us on this journey long enough to do so. Peace n Love!!!


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