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Stacked like ihop!

Yes the lakers are stacked.

I guess. Lol

Realistically there are only 3 or 4 teams a year who can win an NBA championship.

Yes, everyone is hurt come playoff time but boy do injuries play a role through out NBA history, James Worthy missed the 1984 finals, Isiah limped around the 1988 finals.

But Shit happens right?

Go tell the Nets and Lakers fan bases that they shouldn't look for reinforcements after last year.

I get it. LeBron is whiny. He does come off as a big front running cry baby, a lot.

I really believe LeBron takes the foot off of the accelerator when he sees no championship in sight. His first year in Los Angeles is an example.

And more than one thing can be true at a time.

LeBron in the rare position of single handedly being able to affect the outcome of runs during games and Championships.

Wilt, Russell, Kareem, Walton, Magic, Bird, Jordan, Shaq and LeBron.

They immediately changed their respective team's success forecast.

I'm not sure if Barkely is in that conversation.

We have to understand, the power that LeBron yields over a league like Jordan is different.

Magic and Bird were living in a freshly inserted free agency.

Jordan did not.

He threatened the Chicago Bulls that he would leave.

And that threat was real. You know why?

Because he said he would play for the Knicks!

Think about it.

The mecca of basketball is the mecca of modern day media !

Playing for the Knicks and bringing them their first championship in over 20 years would've made Jordan an even bigger legend in the city that hypes up its own rats.

The Knickerbockers spent the entire 1990s flirting with a championship.

Kobe Bryant (god bless) demanded a trade in the middle of his prime.

Is that a knock on his skill set?


It tells me that every superstar player has leverage. And the smart ones understand legacy.

Another championship would not change my mind about LeBron. It just doesn't. He has already displayed all of his skill sets under maximum pressure before.

But the Lakers, looking for insurance from players in their mid to late 30s, Or younger players looking to be role on the cheap is not "stacking"

It's what the hell you're supposed to do when you're a championship team.

Bulls added Rodman. The Heat added Walter! (Iykyk)

The 1980s Celtics added Dennis Johnson!

This is nothing new. Stop your blood clot crying !

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